ERP, CRM & PPS from a single source

Growth through our scalable complete ERP solution

More foresight

You can anticipate changes and adapt your short and long-term competitive strategies accordingly.

More planning security and control

You can better plan the scope of customer projects or large orders in terms of material requirements and machine utilization and better control the workload.

More speed

Every minute counts in competition. KARTOSOFT's fully integrated IT system allows you to calculate faster and more reliably, putting you one step ahead of the competition.

More transparency

With KARTOSOFT, all important data is immediately available to you in every process. This allows you to make the right decisions on the basis of sound information.

More flexibility

They react quickly to changes in the market situation and secure lasting competitive advantages with new ideas.

What our customers say

Direct access on the move


KARTOSOFT supports sales teams in the fulfillment of their daily tasks.

Create individual offers at the customer's premises and record the order

Access your customer data on the move

Use reports and make important decisions on the go

With KARTOSOFT you can access your data when and where you need it.
Mobile data processing in production, warehousing and shipping.

Mobile scanners support you with data capture and increase processing speed throughout the entire logistics chain.

Analysis of your business data as a basis for your future decisions

Business Intelligence

With Kartosoft, you always have an overview of your most important company key figures. Use the Kartosoft standard evaluations as an analysis tool and make quick decisions. Clear visualization allows you to immediately identify your potential and risks, enabling you to flexibly adapt your strategy to the circumstances.

Would you like to use individual evaluations as an additional basis for decision-making? We are happy to support you in customizing KARTOSOFT Business Intelligence to your specific needs.

Simple, fast and secure

Quotation calculation

Calculate transport packaging, die-cut packaging, sales packaging, displays, compartments or special packaging and start all order fulfillment processes with just one click. 

All relevant dependencies are taken into account fully automatically in KARTOSOFT.
With our One-Click function, you can generate all order documents, the production order and the material order in one step and send them automatically to your business partners if required.

KARTOSOFT's unique calculation algorithm takes care of the following for you

the determination of the most favorable material price

Determining the optimum production routes in your production

Optimization of the packing scheme to reduce freight costs

the calculation of overheads and surcharges

the calculation of the contribution margin

the calculation of the offer price

Software that thinks for itself


KARTOSOFT networks all areas of the company and creates a common database for optimized value creation processes

Intelligent algorithms complete recurring work processes automatically and reliably

KARTOSOFT supports efficient processing of each individual transaction and avoids unnecessary resource commitment

With the integrated document management system, your documents are always up-to-date and available at every workstation. Duplicate data storage and different versions are a thing of the past

KARTOSOFT takes over the archiving of all documents fully automatically and allows for accurate documentation

Daily reports are automatically sent to all departments

With KARTOSOFT, you bundle the entire company knowledge in one software and make it accessible to every employee

Industry software made in Germany

Customized software

KARTOSOFT is the standard software for the packaging industry. Thanks to our decades of experience, our complete ERP solution supports the entire value chain of processors and retailers. Clever parameterization of our software allows us to configure KARTOSOFT according to the individual requirements of each customer and to optimize the process flow.

The further development of KARTOSOFT is based on the needs of our customers and the conditions on the market. KARTOSOFT is constantly being further developed in dialog with our customers. We provide our customers with new functions in regular updates.

Always up to date

From the industry for the industry

Benefit from our customer network

Automation as required

Integrated interfaces

KARTOSOFT interfaces connect your systems and ensure the seamless, cross-system exchange of information. Automate your workflows and create consistent, integrated processes across company boundaries – right through to your customers and suppliers.

The exchange of information via our interfaces reduces throughput times and eliminates sources of error. Numerous interfaces are already integrated in KARTOSOFT and can be activated for you as required. We are constantly working on providing you with a wider selection of interfaces. To this end, we are in close contact with machine manufacturers, raw material suppliers and software companies.

Customer and supplier processes

Strengthen your customer relationship with the automatic transfer of delivery notifications, delivery bills and invoices

Exchange orders, order confirmations and delivery bills digitally with your suppliers


Transfer invoice data to your accounting software and monitor compliance with the credit limit by automatically reconciling OPOS data


KARTOSOFT transfers production data to your machinery and keeps track of your production activities

Record live data from your production machines and generate automatic messages for your office staff or your customers after the end of production.

Record each pallet automatically via your conveyor systems, Kartosoft takes care of your inventory maintenance

Personnel time recording per operation

We offer interfaces to the following systems

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