The company

Born from the industry - grown with the industry

We have been developing and distributing the KARTOSOFT software solution of the same name throughout Europe since 2002. Decades of experience in the packaging industry and software development have made KARTOSOFT one of the best software solutions for the packaging industry. With KARTOSOFT, you not only get a sophisticated software product, but also the guarantee of continuous further development. Your ideas and our visions flow directly into our further development. We also react immediately to changes in laws and regulations – so you are always up to date.


For us, KARTOSOFT doesn’t just mean developing software. For us, KARTOSOFT means helping to shape the packaging industry and working with our customers to maintain and further develop software that is up to the challenges of today and the challenges of the future. We are not only software developers, we are also professionals from the packaging industry. We see our customers as partners at eye level with whom we share our experience and grow together. We create innovations through synergies and allow all partners to participate. For joint success!


We do not do any individual programming. Any further development must fit seamlessly into the KARTOSOFT philosophy. KARTOSOFT is and remains a standard software solution. Through clever parameterization, KARTOSOFT can be adapted to your individual requirements. Whether general processes, specific functions or important checks – in KARTOSOFT everything can be configured according to your wishes and requirements. This philosophy guarantees you the greatest possible flexibility and easy customization of KARTOSOFT functionalities.